6 hours and 600 pics later…

Fin’s new piece attracted a lot of attention in Cheshire Street last Saturday. The usual passer by’s, local shop owners and a Hong Kong film crew all stopped to watch Fin work.

It’s quite rare to catch Fin at work in the UK these days as he’s often busy globetrotting, painting his trademark Oriental ladies. He calls his work Urban Aesthetics and his typical work is definitely a more feminine approach to what we tend to find on the walls of London.

A self taught artist who uses a blend of styles we watched Fin use stencil, spray and brush to complete his latest piece. A candid talker, Fin told us about the process he used to find the models who regularly feature in his work. He also took the time to share a few words with any one that spoke to him which probably added at least an extra hour to proceedings. Battling a damp wall also made for a more difficult and longer job as we quite literally spent about an hour of the morning watching paint dry.

Watch a photo video of how it happened. http://bit.ly/V20Co3