London Silhouettes



A long overdue blog post! Will be making a concerted effort to post more regularly. You can also find us on instagram @LDNreportage, ¬†where we’re a bit more regular with updates.

Holi One Festival

Some of my favourite pics are images from the Hindu Holi Festival. One day I would love to experience it in one it’s traditional setting, India. Over recent years it’s been promoted across different cities across the globe, so when I heard it was coming to London I had to be part of it.

Mall Takeover

Scenes like this are one of the things I love about East London. At night Skaters and Breakdancers use the Stratford mall space to practise their craft. They’ve been here for the past few months and so far there seems to be no complaints or issues about them using the space. I think I will be back here to have a chat with these guys and take some more close up photos.

77 Days Later…..

The title refers to when I last blogged. I have been on the streets with the camera, honest I have but I haven’t documented any events and I guess I’ve been heading out with specific ideas and being more discerning about my keepers.

Anyway bits from the past 77….

Father and Son

Father and Son leaning on railings looking out over River Thames

I spent most of Saturday out shooting street photography looking for dark and broody shots, playing around with underexposure. I didn’t think this shot deserved that treatment and tried to go for a misty, nostalgia feel. It reminded me that there are many different ways to portray a moment in life through photography.